KUSANAGI for Z.com


KUSANAGI for Z.com is a free virtual machine image built to execute WordPress at high speeds on Z.com.

System requirements: minimum 4GB memory

How to use KUSANAGI for Z.com

This guide assumes you have an account with Z.com and are able to access the Dashboard.

1. Launch the virtual machine image

a. Create a VM image for KUSANAGI for Z.com

Log in to Z.com Dashboard.
The following screen displays.


Click “Cloud” in the top menu.


Click “+ Server” on the right. The server selection screen will display.

b. Order the virtual machine

You must select the memory size. KUSANAGI for Z.com requires at least 4GB of memory.
Under “Image Type” select “Application”, then choose “WordPress (KUSANAGI)” from the list.
Enter a root password and click “Add”.


When the virtual machine is launched click on its name tag.


Here you can see all the details of your virtual machine. Please click “Console” to log in to your virtual machine.


2. Log in to the virtual machine and prepare for initialization

Log in to your virtual machine using the console.

* Enter “root” then enter the password you specified when creating your virtual machine.

Once you are logged in the following screen will display.


For instructions on initialization please see the following guide.