KUSANAGI Module Update

KUSANAGI Module Update

KUSANAGI modules have been updated.
The updated modules are as follows:

php 8.1.23-1 This update includes support for vulnerability(CVE-2023-3823,CVE-2023-3824,CVE-2023-0662,CVE-2022-31631,CVE-2022-31630,CVE-2022-37454,CVE-2022-31628,CVE-2022-31629,CVE-2022-31627,CVE-2022-31626,CVE-2022-31625,CVE-2021-21708,CVE-2021-21703,CVE-2021-21707,CVE-2021-21706).

To use PHP 8.1, WordPress 5.9 or higher is required.
Also, please make sure that the plugin/theme used is compatible with PHP 8.1.
The module update can be applied with the following command:

# yum update --enablrepo=remi,remi-php56

If you are using php8, please reboot with the following command:

# kusanagi php8