KUSANAGI 9 update 9.4.10-1

KUSANAGI 9 update 9.4.10-1

KUSANAGI 9 update has been released.

- Support for PostgreSQL 16 has been added.

In order to use it as a new database, use "kusanagi init" or "kusanagi dbinit" command.

# kusanagi init --psql16
# kusanagi dbinit psql --use psql16

In order to upgrade the existing database, use "kusanagi upgrade" command.

# kusanagi upgrade psql --psql16

- Fixed a bug that caused monitoring by monit to be disabled for newly provisioned profiles.

- Support for the kusanagi httpd-behind-nginx command, which enables the web server and applications to run on Apache httpd with Nginx as a reverse proxy so that Nginx's functions can be used together.

By executing the kusanagi httpd-behind-nginx command, it will run both Nginx and Apache httpd.
In the same way as Nginx, fcache and ratelimit are available. HTTP/3 is also available with Nginx 1.25.1 or later.
For WAF, Apache httpd's WAF is used.

# kusanagi httpd-behind-nginx

For more information about the kusanagi httpd-behind-nginx command, see Documentation .

You can apply the module update with the following command:

# dnf upgrade