KUSANAGI Update 8.1.2-6

KUSANAGI Update 8.1.2-6

KUSANAGI 8.1.2-6 update with bug fix has been released.

For those using version 8.1.2-5 and earlier, running the command below with root privileges will update KUSANAGI to 8.1.2-6.

# yum update

If you have just performed the most recent update and the leftover cache causes a "no pakages marked for update" error, use the following command and then perform a yum update.

# yum clean all

Bugfixes in KUSANAGI 8.1.2-6

8.1.2-6 fixes the following issues:

If the Mroonga WordPress plugin is enabled, the 'kusanagi addon remove mroonga' will succeed, even though it should not.

In version 8.1.2-5 and earlier, there was a bug where removing the WordPress plugin Mroonga from MariaDB while it is activate only deletes the table data and leaves the index and other metadata intact, when it gets deactivated using ’kusanagi addon remove mroonga’.

Thus a new table would not get created after ractivating Mroonga.

This issue was fixed in KUSANAGI 8.1.2-6.

In KUSANAGI 8.1.2-6, on a website provisioned with WordPress on KUSANAGI with an active Mroonga plugin, attempting to remove Mroonga will result in the error message below. Deactivating the Mroonga plugin from profile name ‘xxxxx’ WordPress site and running the remove command again will succeed.

# kusanagi addon remove mroonga
Mroonga WordPress plugin is activated.
Please deactivate mroonga plugin from 'xxxxx' Profile.
add-on remove was aborted