KUSANAGI 9 update 9.3.0-1

KUSANAGI 9 update 9.3.0-1

KUSANAGI 9 update has been released.

- Added support for HTTP/3 (QUIC).

HTTP/3 is now enabled by using nginx 1.25.1 or newer.
To enable HTTP/3 on an existing profile, run the kusanagi nginx --update-conf command described below.
Newly provisioned profiles are HTTP/3 enabled by default.

In addition, since HTTP/3 uses UDP port 443, configure the firewall and cloud security group to open the port as necessary.
KUSANAGI 9 for Microsoft Azure, KUSANAGI 9 for AWS, and KUSANAGI 9 for GCP have been changed to allow UDP port 443 from VMs deployed after June 13, 2023.

If HTTP/3 cannot be used due to a browser that does not support HTTP/3 or the port is not open, it will fall back to HTTP/2 or HTTP/1.1.

If you want to disable HTTP/3 completely use nginx 1.24.

- The --update-conf option has been added to kusanagi nginx command in order to change the nginx configuration files according to the specifications changed from nginx 1.25.1.

When updating to nginx 1.25.1 or later, execute the following command to update the nginx configuration files accordingly.

# kusanagi nginx --update-conf

Please refer to KUSANAGI 9 module update information for specification changes by nginx 1.25.1.

You can apply the module update with the following command:

# dnf upgrade