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KUSANAGI Standard Features

Better Performance

  • Out-of-the-box support for HTTP/3 and HTTP/2
    • KUSANAGI 8 supports HTTP/2 only
  • Middleware parameters have been pre-tuned to ensure that the middleware runs fast and secure
  • Page caching for WordPress (bcache)
  • Page caching based on Nginx (fcache)

Better Security

  • The latest version of middleware is provided from the KUSANAGI repository
  • WAF
  • SELinux support
  • TLS 1.3 support
  • Disable TLS 1.1 and below
  • DoS attack protection


  • Provides commands that enable consistent operations across supported cloud platforms, operating systems, and versions
  • Provisioning of WordPress and other supported CMS, LAMP, and LEMP environments
  • Backup and restore of WordPress and other supported CMS, LAMP, and LEMP environments
    • KUSANAGI 8 supports backup only.
  • ON/OFF of acceleration and security functions
  • Configuration and automatic renewal of SSL certificates with "Let's Encrypt"
  • Switching middleware (nginx/httpd, MariaDB/PostgreSQL)
  • Switching middleware versions (PHP/nginx)
    • KUSANAGI 8 only supports switching of PHP versions
  • Middleware upgrades (MariaDB)


  • Includes middleware for LAMP/LEMP environments required for WordPress and other CMS
  • Supports middleware update by "yum/dnf" command
  • Supports automatic restart of middleware by "monit" in case of abnormalities

WordPress Plugins for KUSANAGI

  • Automatic Update
    • Automatic update of translations, plugins, themes, and WordPress core
    • Enable/Disable automatic update
    • Automatic update schedule
  • Page cache (bcache) settings
    • Cache time settings for the front page, archive, and each article
    • Cache excluded URL settings
    • Setting of query string to cache
    • Setting of cache range to delete when publishing articles
    • Clear cache
    • Regeneration of "advanded-cache.php"
  • Device Theme Switcher
  • Translate Accelerator
  • Performance Viewer
  • Image Optimizer
  • Replacing (string replacement)
  • Theme Accelerator