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KUSANAGI 9 Commands


"kusanagi" commands can be executed by either "root" users or users belonging to the "www" group. (Kusanagi users belong to the ”www” group by default.)
If you are not able to use the "kusanagi" commands, please make sure you are a "root" user or a user belonging to the "www" group.
The full path to "kusanagi" commands is "/opt/local/bin/kusanagi".

Common options

-V | --version

Checks version information for the current KUSANAGI environment.


kusanagi -V
kusanagi --version


# kusanagi -V
KUSANAGI Version 9.0.0-1.el8

-h | --help

Displays the usage of "kusanagi" commands and each subcommand.


kusanagi -h
kusanagi init -h
kusanagi ssl -h

[--dryrun] {subcommand}

Verifies the result of executing a "kusanagi" subcommand without actually executing the subcommand.
The "--dryrun" option must be specified immediately before the subcommand.
After the subcommand, specify the options for each subcommand.


kusanagi --dryrun provision test
kusanagi --dryrun bcache clear --path /path/to

Command list