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dbinit psql

dbinit psql

You can change, select, or optimize the database used by KUSANAGI.


kusanagi dbinit psql --use psql13
kusanagi dbinit psql


(No options)

Optimizes database settings.
Execute this subcommand if you change the instance settings after setting up KUSANAGI.

Database Server

[--use {installed | psql13 | psql14 | psql15 | psql16}]	

Default: installed

Specify the database server to be used. When one of the following Database versions is specified, it will start running.

  • --use installed: currently installed PostgreSQL
  • --use psql13: PostgreSQL 13
  • --use psql14: PostgreSQL 14
  • --use psql15: PostgreSQL 15
  • --use psql16: PostgreSQL 16

PostgreSQL "root" Password

[--dbrootpass "password"]

Sets the specified password as the PostgreSQL root password.
For this password, please specify a string of 8 or more characters consisting of a combination of "A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, ., !, #, %, +, _, -".
If not specified, the password will not be changed.


# kusanagi dbinit psql
dbinit completed.