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*This command is only available for the KUSANAGI 9 Business Edition.

Analyzes the KUSANAGI environment and makes suggestions for improvement.


kusanagi analyze


Full path (Output archived results)

[--output-archive "full path"]

Specifies the path to output the archived analysis results.
The path extension should be ".tar.gz".
If not specified, the analysis results will be displayed on the screen.


If executed without specifying any options, both the overall analysis results and the results from each profile will be displayed along with the counter measures.
Brackets [] indicates overall or each profile.
Parentheses () represent the notification level.
The notification severity levels are as follows:
info < notice < alert

# kusanagi analyze
(Level: alert)
There are archive files from over a year ago. Please delete them.
Target file:

There is a dump file from over a year ago. Please delete it.
Target file:

(Level: notice)
There is a very large file. Please consider deleting it.
Target file:

[Profile name: analyzer_test]
(Level: alert)
A file (.zip, .tar, .gz, .log, .sql, .dump, .php.xxx) that poses a security problem has been found in the document root. Please delete it or move it outside the document root.
Target file:

The permissions on the uploaded file are incorrect. Change the file owner to "httpd.www" and the permission to "0775".

(Level: notice)
Code containing "phpinfo" or "phpMyAdmin" was detected within the document root. Due to the security risk of being cracked, please refrain from using the affected code and tools, especially in a public environment. 
Target file:

One of the automatic update settings; FS_METHOD, FTP_HOST, FTP_USER, or FTP_PASS, was not found in "wp-config.php".
Please set the following values.
FTP_METHOD: ftpext
FTP_HOST: localhost
FTP_USER: kusanagi
FTP_PASS: Value specified for --passwd in kusanagi init
Unset items:

(Level: info)
"wp-config.php" is in the Document Root folder.
Please move /home/kusanagi/analyzer_test/DocumentRoot/wp-config.php to /home/kusanagi/analyzer_test/wp-config.php

An attempt to connect was made using connection parameters ( DB_HOST, DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD) in wp-config.php, but failed to connect to the DB Server.
Please set the following values.
DB_HOST: localhost
DB_NAME: Value specified for "--dbname" in kusanagi provision
DB_USER: Value specified for "--dbuser" in kusanagi provision
DB_PASSWORD: Value specified for "--dbpass" in "kusanagi provision"

analyze completed.

If "--output-archive" is specified, an archive of the analysis results will be created in the specified path.

# kusanagi analyze --output-archive /home/kusanagi/analyze.tar.gz
analyze completed.