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upgrade mariadb

upgrade mariadb

Upgrades the MariaDB version. Attempting to downgrade will result in an error.
We recommend that a backup of the current environment be made prior to the upgrade so that it can be restored after the upgrade.


kusanagi upgrade mariadb --use mariadb10.4
kusanagi upgrade mariadb --use mariadb10.5
kusanagi upgrade mariadb --use mariadb10.6


MariaDB Version (Required)

--use {mariadb10.3 | mariadb10.4 | mariadb10.5 | mariadb10.6 | mariadb10.7 | mariadb10.8 | mariadb10.9 | mariadb10.10 | mariadb10.11}
Discontinued options
--use mariadb10.7 (discontinued as of 9.4.6)
--use mariadb10.8 (discontinued as of 9.4.6)
--use mariadb10.9 (discontinued as of 9.4.6)
--use mariadb10.10 (discontinued as of 9.4.6)

Specify the MariaDB version to upgrade to. When specified, MariaDB will be upgraded to one of the following.

  • --use mariadb10.3: MariaDB 10.3
  • --use mariadb10.4: MariaDB 10.4
  • --use mariadb10.5: MariaDB 10.5
  • --use mariadb10.6: MariaDB 10.6
  • --use mariadb10.7 (discontinued as of 9.4.6): MariaDB 10.7
  • --use mariadb10.8 (discontinued as of 9.4.6): MariaDB 10.8
  • --use mariadb10.9 (discontinued as of 9.4.6): MariaDB 10.9
  • --use mariadb10.10 (discontinued as of 9.4.6): MariaDB 10.10
  • --use mariadb10.11: MariaDB 10.11

Note; MariaDB 10.7, MariaDB 10.8, MariaDB 10.9 and MariaDB 10.10 will be supported for 1 year (short-term support).
"--mariadb10.3", and "--mariadb10.4" cannot be specified in CentOS Stream 9 and AlmaLinux OS 9.