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upgrade kusanagi

upgrade kusanagi

Upgrades the free version of KUSANAGI to a higher edition.
We recommend that a backup of the current environment be made prior to the upgrade so that it can be restored after the upgrade.


kusanagi upgrade kusanagi --edition business --use production --key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
kusanagi upgrade kusanagi --edition premium --use personal --key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx


Edition License (Required)

--edition {business|premium}

Specifies the edition of the license purchased. When one of the following editions is specified, it will be used.
Specifying "--edition" is required.

  • --edition business : Business Edition
  • --edition premium : Premium Edition

Type of Usage (Required)

--use {production|staging|development|personal}

Specifies the type of usage. When one of the following types of usage is specified, it will be used.
The "--use" option is mandatory.

  • --use production: Production environment
  • --use staging : Staging environment
  • --use development : Development environment
  • --use personal : Personal use environment

Subscription Key (Required)

--key "subscription key"

Specifies your subscription key.
"--key" is required.