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Switches the PHP version. It will also restart the service.


kusanagi php --use php81
kusanagi php


(No options)

Optimizes PHP settings.
Execute this subcommand if you change the instance settings after setting up KUSANAGI.
If "php-fpm" is already running, it will restart "php-fpm".

PHP Version

[--use {installed | php83 | php82 | php81 | php80 | php74}]	
Discontinued options
--use php73 (discontinued as of 9.1.13)

Default: installed

Specifies the PHP version to be used. When one of the following PHP is specified, it will start up.

  • --use installed: currently installed php
  • --use php83: PHP 8.3
  • --use php82: PHP 8.2
  • --use php81: PHP 8.1
  • --use php80: PHP 8.0
  • --use php74: PHP 7.4
  • --use php73 (discontinued as of 9.1.13): PHP 7.3


# kusanagi php
php completed.