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Migrates KUSANAGI profiles.


kusanagi migrate --export kusanagi_html
kusanagi migrate --import kusanagi_html-2022-04-04.tar.gz


Specify Export or Import (Required)

--export [profile] | --import "archive"

If "--export" is specified, an archive will be generated to export the specified profile.
If there isn't any profile is specified, the current directory profile will be exported.
When the current directory is not a profile, an error will occur.
*We do not support exporting profiles with WEXAL Page Speed Technology enabled.

If "--import" is specified, the specified archive will be imported as a new profile.
The SSL certificate will also be imported, but in the case of Let's Encrypt, you will need to enable automatic renewal by the "kusanagi ssl" command after changing the DNS.

Either "--export" or "--import" must be specified.
Both "--export" or "--import" cannot be specified at the same time.
Free disk space approximately equal to the disk space of the profile or archive must be available.

Archive File Name

[--output-archive "archive"]

* Can only be specified when exporting a profile ("--export").

Default: Not specified ("/home/kusanagi/profile name-date.tar.gz")

Specify the file name of the archive to which you want to export the profile.
The extension must be ".tar.gz".


# kusanagi migrate --export kusanagi_html
Target profile is kusanagi_html.
Exported to /home/kusanagi/kusanagi_html-2022-04-04.tar.gz.
migrate completed.
# kusanagi migrate --import kusanagi_html-2022-04-04.tar.gz
Target directory is /home/kusanagi/kusanagi_html.
Backup SQL file is /home/kusanagi/kusanagi_html/kusanagi_html-2022-04-04.sql.
provison mariadb completed.
provison db completed.
reload completed.
Please restore config files form /home/kusanagi/kusanagi_html/conf.
migrate completed.